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I love solving complex problems with design, data and user research

Matthew Morton

Current Director of Product, WW Digital Experience at DocuSign
  • Own the vision, strategy and roadmap for DocuSign’s digital marketing experience on
  • Expand the experience into new global markets (countries)
  • Define and drive content strategy, features, test charters and personalization to provide DocuSign customers with a world class digital experience
  • Grow DocuSign's business through digital eCommerce and direct lead generation

"You and your team are the real deal; you do more for the company in a month than most teams contribute in a year."

- Senior Director, Product Marketing at DocuSign

Former Product Development Director at Travelzoo

As Director of Product Development, Matthew led the operating rhythm and execution of the company’s product roadmap, design, and feature releases. This included significant input into the creative direction, architecture, usability, content, reporting, and operations for Travelzoo’s products as well as leading global and regional implementations. Matthew oversaw a team of Product Development Managers and UX Designers, who utilized member activity data, web analytics, and predictive modeling to identify member pain points and opportunities. Matthew reported directly to the CEO and partnered with Engineering, QA, Global General Managers, Marketing, Heads of Production, Photo, Publishing, Customer Service and HR.

"Such a pleasure to work with you. Truly appreciated your level of collaboration on the Corona project, and you’ve also now ruined me for future collaborations with Product teams, because you’ve set such a high bar!"

- Candy Lee, CMO HelloFresh

Former Sr. Product Manager and GTM at Roku, Inc.

Matthew was responsible for the development of product roadmaps and led all GTM efforts for new Interactive Advertising and Sponsorship products, features and programs. He was responsible for all things related to product development, product design, human interface guidelines, technical matters, analytics, operations and legal reviews. All GTM efforts for products include: core team meetings, pricing, packaging and positioning, training, and status updates.

"You were one of the best PM’s I’ve ever worked with. A great PM makes all of our lives collectively easier, which you definitely did."

- Matt Macaluso, Manager, Product Operations, Advertising at Roku

Former Design Technologist at

As a Design Technologist, Matthew worked on a global team at that focused on the conception, prototyping, and execution of custom interactive experiences across platforms. The team provided creative and technical expertise re: UX, software design, development, iterative prototyping and performance to help inform decisions through their deep understanding of the underlying technologies. The team experimented, designed, developed, and shipped custom products that surprise and delight Amazon customers.

"At Amazon, Design Technologists are pioneers in interactive experiences and don’t operate to a spec, we define it. We dedicate time to testing new ideas and concepts, staying current with emerging technology, and strive to iterate quickly."

"I like to lead. I don't mean the uber-bossy, power hungry, egotistical kind of leader that nobody wants to work with. I mean the type of leader that understands and respects people's talents and time; the kind of person that cultivates talents and cares about their team while still managing the needs of a successful business unit. That's the type of person I commit to being every day."

"In recognition of your innovative thinking and contribution to our technology... Congratulations on being an Amazon inventor!"

- Jeff Bezos

Featured Work U.S. PATENT 10,769,701 B1

Awarded: US Patent 10,769,701 B1 for the technology stack and application of "Sensory-Based Delivery of Content."

The sound of a shaking box of LEGOs is nostalgic and represents endless possibilities of creativity and imagination. We gave our customers that same classic feeling in a shopping experience they can only experience on Amazon.

The customer selects an age range and a statement describing the child they are shopping for. After a quick shake of the device (and an audible/haptic reminder of what a shaking box of LEGOs sounds like), a curated, relevant gift recommendation is presented. The customer can repeatedly shake and keep receiving new recommendations until all gifts relevant to the inputs have been shown.

Products I Helped to Design, Build and Launch

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roku sms
FireTV (First Ever) Custom Advertising Experience

Matthew designed and coded this first-ever FireTV custom landing page. It was developed to kickoff a :30sec Prius commercial and ends in an interactive gallery which allowed the user to explore the new Toyota Prius. Users are able to replay the video or navigate through a gallery of additional information.
Product: Product Requirements / UX Design in Sketch
Stack: HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / JSON CMS / AWS

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Matthew Morton
matt morton
Matthew Morton
matthew morton ad tech
matthew morton ad tech
matthew morton ad tech
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fire tv

matthew morton ad tech
matthew morton ad tech
matthew morton ad tech